Cleanall can be used to clean domestic and industrial heavy soiled/greased floor surfaces, and generally articles that carry an unusual amount of grime.

The cleaning action is a synergistic effect of emulsification, suspension and dissolution to effectively remove almost any type of grime and render the original appearance of the treated surface.


For honing, broaching and thread-cutting operations. For multi-operation heavy duty machining on tough and heat resistant materials and for specialised applications such as gun-drilling and broaching.

Cutfluid LG1

This product can be used for turning, drilling, milling, grinding, on mild steel and most non-ferrous metals, in operations where high surface finish is required. Its high clarity allows better visual control of the cutting tool.  It can be used at between 1:10 to 1:20 dilution with water, depending on the severity of the application.

Cutfluid RY