Automated Process Systems

Chemplus has developed highly sophisticated, automated process systems for use in plant bakeries. We offer our clients effective, user-friendly solutions, ensuring efficient application of our high-quality range of pan release oils, divider oils and crate washing detergents.

Chemplus Automated-Process-Systems

The new generation A1 spray control panels offer exceptional spray control and consistency for lubricating and release applications, whilst ensuring the bread pan lining is protected from adverse chemical activity, thus achieving maximum bake cycles.

A culmination of 3 years rigorous R&D in fluid dynamics and control systems, the tamper-free A1 panels have been designed to maintain a fixed spray rate, despite variations in process input variables. A custom built PLC controller, programmable with a tablet/laptop via a mini-USB port, together with cutting edge algorithms provide a solution to archaic and inconsistent spray systems.

A multitude of system faults, both electrical and mechanical, can be detected via an array of signals decoded by the PLC’s alarm algorithm. In this event, an alarm code is shown on the PLC face with troubleshooting details of each code made available on a label. This allows for minimum downtime by virtue of rapid fault detection.

Sophisticated, bespoke systems which automatically deliver divider oil from the storage area to the location of the dough dividers in the bakery.  Automated spray lubrication systems can be installed on the divider hoppers, delivery chutes or hi-tip buckets, significantly reducing divider oil consumption, as well as waste and spillage in the vicinity.

A highly effective system, which doses Krate Kleen detergent proportionally to the water flow into the crate washing machine, when filling or topping up, with wash tank levels automatically controlled by the system. Dose rates are minutely adjustable and highly accurate when compared with the simple peristaltic pumps normally used in these applications.