Galvanizing and Wire Drawing Products

Chemplus Gavlanizing-and-wire-drawing-products

Is a compounded concentrate of eutectic inorganic salts, tenso-active agents, sequestering agents, buffer index stabilizers and desludgers. Which are capable of arresting the generation of bottom dross, of zinc oxide on the ash layer of hot-dip galvanizing lines, while considerably suppressing fume-evolution.

A free-flowing powder, off-white, that fluxes steel with reduced evolution of smoke. Considerably reducing splashing. Fluxor FF is a compounded concentrate consisting of soluble eutectic inorganic salts, tenso-active agents, sequestering agents, buffer index stabilizers and de-sludgers. Aforementioned flux allows steel to be galvanized with reducing smoke or splashing during dipping in the zinc bath.

Is a compounded concentrate that is used to complement Fluxor S1, to stabilize and neutralize acidic flux baths. Acidic flux baths resulting from pickling acid carryover are restored to their correct pH value by adding Fluxor PC.

Is a general purpose powder lubricant for drawing of low and medium carbon steel wire, CO2 wire, stainless steel wire, etc. The additives allow high processing yield with modern straight-line machines.

Is suitable for dry drawing of high and medium carbon steel wires, starting from phosphate coated or/and borax coated wires/rods.

Is a free-flowing powder soluble in water that is eminently suitable as a in-line non-reactive pre-coat for the cold forming of steel as in wire drawing, extrusion and deep-drawing etc.

Formulated for rapid cleaning and removal of soap/greasy deposits present after drawing, stamping, and other forming operations. Provides maximum emulsification, suspension, and saponification. Suitable as a degreaser prior to phosphate processes, electroplating and hot dip galvanizing. Immersion type.

Is impregnated with organic and inorganic compounds that enable it to develop hot strength become non-friable and generate a reducing atmosphere on heating. Application is mainly on galvanizing lines where it serves to wipe excess molten zinc, while imparting a smooth and continuous zinc layer. Free from excessive zinc oxide. Due to chemical inertness, the zinc bath layer that subtends Galwipe particles is not oxidized and therefore no ash contribution from zinc oxide formation takes place. Molten lead baths may also be similarly treated.

Is an aqueous emulsion concentrate that can be used to passivate zinc and zinc alloy surfaces. It provides excellent protection against the formation of white rust, leaving the treated surface bright and free from discolouration.

At a suitable dilution in acid solutions, Stinox 1, protects ferrous metals from attack. This process does not interfere with the removal of rust, scale or sediments. It is particularly effective in protecting mild and high carbon steel and cast iron, in hydrochloric acid.

Is a compounded liquid that is capable of reducing the surface tension of acidic, neutral and alkaline liquors. This increases their wetting power, when incorporated in such liquors.

Is an acid fume suppressant and a foam blanket additive, effective in hydrochloric acid batch pickling baths. A liquid foaming agent used in non-oxidizing acids to produce a stable, creamy foam layer that retards fumes. Thusly, reducing acid drag out.