Granite Products

Chemplus Granite-Products

Is a suitable liquid primarily used to dissolve alkali and alkaline earth salts. Typical occurance in granitic products, which are responsible for surface discolouration and stains. The product may be applied manually by means of a cloth, on the stained area. After polishing has taken place, and then allowed to be in contact for a few minutes.

Dries rapidly on setting and forms an impervious layer of high hardness. It is suitable for use as a slasto, granite and other similar surface seal. It isolates and protects the surface from weathering and solar attack. The product may be  sprayed on or brushed.

Is a liquid polishing wax that enhances the natural lustre of granite, slasto, marble and similar surfaces. It deposits a micrometer thin layer of protective formable film on the substrate that additionally offers protection against environmental stresses.